Gratis Lights


The word free is not often attached to design and designer pieces.  As part of Melbourne’s State of Design festival I wanted to produce an item that could be both designed and free.  Free in the sense of cash money and also in terms of the life of the product.  I wanted to literally set these products free.

The gratis lights are designed to be familiar in form and welcoming to those that discover them.  I hope that they seem like a piece of fruit waiting to be plucked and enjoyed, or like an oversize molecule of pure light ready to travel wherever the world may take them.
They are ever so slightly fragile and may flicker like a glowing insect when touched, they may even turn off if disturbed too roughly, but that is the risk you take when collecting them.  They can be left to their own devices to light up their little corner, or taken and given new life somewhere else.  You are free to take them for yourself, or leave them for others.

There are 70 of these lights that will be scattered around the lane-ways of Melbourne’s inner city on the nights of Friday 22nd July and Saturday 23rd.  Some will be in groups and some will be left all on their own.

They will be attached to metallic surfaces by their little magnetic behinds just waiting to be taken.

The lights have a lifespan of a week or two, just like the design festival, but this can be extended by enterprising collectors with a new battery and a little patience.