Elevate Table Lamp


With crane-like functionality, Elevate raises the bar in task lighting. High and direct, slanted forward or back, or low and focused; you can switch it up to create and vary the amount of light you need.

Made from Tasmanian Oak,  powder-coated steel, Acrylic and using high efficiency  LED’s,  Elevate is a strong, sturdy and low-profile addition to your desk or workspace.

The idea behind the product was to take simple, easily manufactured elements, efficient technology and combine them in a way that was fun, graphic and interactive.  To create something that was more than the sum of its parts.   The light bar can be inserted in any of the cross-forms in the stand to alter the level of light and its direction.  A  magnetic switch injects some fun into the act of turning on the light. By simply placing the magnet in the switch-zone, the light activates.