DRIFT Pendant Light


Elegant and lightweight, DRIFT is a unique pendant light that evokes a sense of childlike wonder. Let DRIFT take you away from the real world and transport you back to a time when you could lie in the grass and see shapes in the clouds.

DRIFT has an atmospheric effect on your living and working space. It brings the ephemeral beauty of the outside world inside to create a place of retreat. The unique, random structure and texture of DRIFT creates variable tones of light and shadow, generating a new experience with every encounter.

Handmade from non-woven PET, DRIFT is ultra-light, tear-resistant, breathable and recyclable. It is designed to be crushed and manipulated. Echoing the transient nature of clouds, each touch deepens the textural appearance and subtly changes its dimensions. The material is both strong and delicately flexible, changing organically with use over time.

DRIFT is available in two large sizes and can be retrofitted to existing pendant fittings.

Designed by Kristian Aus, DRIFT adds a sense of creativity and wonder to any space.

Available now from our store: UNDER Interior Products