3D Printed Mini Pendants

Mini Pendants White-Group-001

3D printing has brought many advantages to the world of design. It has enabled the creation of impossible forms and freed many a designer from the shackles of manufacturing limitations.

It has also allowed for new styles of manufacturing and low volume production.

As an Industrial designer I have  a long history of making prototypes and models for commercial and industrial clients using 3D printing and CNC machining. Given this, I thought it was time to use digital processes to create a fully-fledged functional product.

The new Mini-Pendants from UNDER Interior Products are the culmination of extensive research and development into 3D printing and ways to make a product that only pops into existence once it is specified for use in a project. Each Mini-Pendant is made individually for each customer and has its own unique grain and texture.

The Mini-Pendants  are deliberately small in scale, designed to look best with a G125 LED bulb (included free with every fitting). The three initial shapes are minimal and sleek, with customised and alternate versions to come. There will be new additions to the range on a regular basis, taking advantage of the flexibility of 3D printing to create new versions without waste. Specifiers who want customised versions just for their project can work with me to create unique variants.

At launch there will be 6 colours available. 3D printed nylon can be dyed and coloured easily. Each Mini-Pendant is printed in white and then dyed the desired colour. In 2016 I will be introducing an unlimited palette of colour options. Specifiers will be able to request any colour they like to match their project.

The three shapes available now for pre-order are: Polygon, Orb and Capsule.  They can be ordered in black, white, red, yellow, green and blue. Initially, the Mini-Pendants will be suitable for Europe, Australia, New Zealand and any other 220-240v countries.  Versions for the US and Japan will be available in 2016 (sooner if there is enough interest, so please get in touch!).

The Mini-Pendants are the second in a series of products that explore material use and micro-production in a new way.  The large format DRIFT pendants released earlier in 2015 were the first release and explored the possibilities of using flat-pack materials to create voluminous and organic large format lighting.

Available from UNDER Interior Products