House Lights


The “House Lights” prototypes were created as one off project in 2009 and were on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney as part of the QANTAS Spirit of Youth Awards 2010.

“The house is an object that plays such a large part in our lives that it has been immortalised in countless stories and imagery.  It is a place that we escape to and try and escape from.  In fairy-tales and children’s stories it can be a wondrous and scary gingerbread construction,  a weak, temporary shack that is blown down by a murderous wolf or a place of refuge to protect our hero from evil.  The house represents family and a place we can call our own amongst the darkness.  It is a beacon that calls you back from travels and guides you home when you need it most.  It is a vantage point to look out from or a place to look into other people’s lives.  The “House Lights” represent all of these things and whatever your own personal affinity with this universal object might be.  The three sizes and shapes are designed to work on their own or as a ‘village’ and represent a tiny sample of the variety of ideas that make up our love-affair with the house.

These lights are representations of a part of life that everyone shares in some way.  The design creates a fantastical and whimsical idea using simple and adaptable processes.  They are made simply from a combination of rotational-moulded PE and rubber parts. The shade is attached to the roof of the house with magnets to allow for easy removal and a seamless join.  The ‘smoke’ that sits on the chimney is a soft, lightweight rubber piece that adds a greater sense of fun to the product.

A light can be many things, but most of the time that thing is a light.  The “House Lights” help to change the expectations that a person has about a product.  These lights are a fantasy made real.  They are a projection of what a person wants from their life and they are a memory of happy times with family and friends.”